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Free delivery everywhere in Canada from 100$

Naak - Ultra Energy Drink Mix 720g

by Naak
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Flavor: Lime


Näak's Ultra Energy™ drink mix revolutionizes sports nutrition by combining the benefits of liquid and solid nutrition. It's the equivalent of a Näak Ultra Energy™ bar in liquid form combined with the benefits of a hydration blend.

Developed with our professional athletes, it is the first drink mix that provides complete proteins (EAAs) and BCAAs at a level high enough for long-lasting efforts (+3h), preventing the breakdown of muscle fibers during long and intense physical activity.

Whether you're ultra-distance running, biking or triathlon, get complete nutrition that's simple and fast in one easy-to-ingest liquid product. Its light taste and less sweet than other drink mixes will delight your taste buds without hitting your stomach.

When to use it?

Add 2 scoops to 500ml of water and shake well. Drink 1 serving for every hour of physical activity.

55g Carbohydrates

A mix of simple and complex carbohydrates to avoid digestion problems and ensure long-lasting energy.

650 mg Electrolytes

A mix of potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium to replenish minerals lost in sweat and prevent cramps.

1300mg BCAAs

A 2:1:1 ratio (leucine: 600mg, isoleucine: 330mg, valine: 370mg) to maintain better muscle resistance.

8g Complete protein

With all the essential amino acids you need to fend off muscle fatigue.