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The Sports Soulard

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This book is the result of a wonderful encounter: that of a great chef, a lifelong recreational athlete, Jean Soulard, and an Olympian with a doctorate in physiology and researcher in nutrition, Benoît Lamarche. Both share the same vision: to eat is to fill up on energy to move, run, dance, ski, or hike, but it is also to enjoy gourmet pleasures!
Benoît Lamarche first presents information on nutrition to perform better, recover better or simply be healthy while practicing your favorite sport. Along the way, he takes the opportunity to debunk some stubborn myths in sports nutrition.

After the theory, practice! More than 100 recipes specially designed by Jean Soulard to meet the specific needs of athletes. Logos associated with each of the dishes identify the sporting contexts for which they are particularly suitable. However, nothing prevents them from being enjoyed on any occasion.
Good food, good sport!