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Free delivery everywhere in Canada from 100$

run better 1

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The essential guide to improve or adapt your running technique and avoid injuries.

"The quality of training, not the quantity, is what makes you a better athlete, no matter what your level of performance."

– Grete Waitz, marathon champion

Do you dream of treading the ground with the agility of a gazelle, but you wonder if you are really cut out for racing?

Running four times a week but worried your knee won't hold up? To improve your performance while increasing the pleasure of running, have you even tried to run better?

Practical, complete and abundantly illustrated, this unique book addresses the qualitative aspect of racing. He also offers a technique that respects the mechanics of the body and the particularities of each person.

You'll find tailored training programs, exercises designed specifically for the runner, comprehensive recommendations for running-related injuries, and even a self-assessment on whether the latest minimalist shoe is actually right for you.