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Free delivery everywhere in Canada from 100$
Free delivery everywhere in Canada from 100$

Our mission

Exceed our customers' expectations and set ourselves apart by offering exceptional personalized service.

To inspire the desire to run, to move and to take care of yourself by treating all our customers with respect and integrity, from beginners to seasoned runners.

Our way

1- Gathering information

Your running experience and habits, your injuries -present or past-, your old shoes, your goals, etc.

2- Observing

Your running technique in order to target the category of shoes to be preferred. (We observe: the length and frequency of the strides, the position of the foot on the ground, the movement of the ankle, the orientation of the knees, etc.)

3- Test

To choose running shoes, you have to run. However, once the shoe category has been targeted, we present a variety of shoes in different brands. You will therefore test each model while jogging. After a process of elimination, you will find your favorite pair.

4- And more

During the trial of your shoes do not forget that we can advise you on many other topics related to running or physical activity such as progression, interval training, nutrition, preparation for a competition, etc. . So do not hesitate to ask us as many questions as possible to make your experience more rewarding.