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Organized doping

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The Rodchenkov Affair looks back on the biggest scandal to have hit the world of international sport in recent years. The book traces the author's childhood behind the Iron Curtain, his first encounter with doping as a twenty-two-year-old student-athlete at Moscow State University, and his career in the Committee Soviet Olympics.

When he manages to join the Moscow anti-doping laboratory in 1985, Grigory Rodchenkov realizes a dream. But he soon discovers that the mission of the laboratory is not only to detect prohibited products, but also and above all to implement means of covering up Russian athletes systematically doped for the glory of the regime. It is essential to prevent them from being condemned by international authorities, and in particular the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
As skilful technically (Rodchenkov quickly mastered the art of transforming positive cases into negative cases) as politically, the scientist rose, a few years later, to the head of the laboratory. In this position, he develops undetectable doping protocols, but also systems to allow athletes in his country to dope with complete impunity. It was he who, in 2014, was responsible for setting up the anti-doping laboratory for the Sochi Winter Games, where he organised, with the complicity and support of the authorities, systemic doping on an unprecedented scale.
Everything would be fine in the best of sporting worlds if some repenters did not lift part of the veil with the ADA and the German television channel ARD, known for its shock reports on doping. Accused by name by the ADA and threatened in his country by the authorities who see him as the perfect scapegoat, Rodchenkov ends up agreeing to confide in the American journalist Bryan Fogel, in the documentary on doping, Icarus. He tells his incredible story in this book.